Best Bodybuilding motivation video

the Best Bodybuilding motivation video

best bodybuilding motivation videoSo exactly what is the best bodybuilding motivation video that is out there? Well I went out and according to Google it is this one. The video below rates very high in the Google search engines. But once you go in and watch the video you will notice that sound comes off and on. That is Youtube blocking the copyrighted music that is on there. Kind of sad that you have a really nice video and that it more or less looses all power because the music gets blocked.

What this example also shows me is the absolute power that Music has. I know from personal experience that music is way more powerful than video. Sure its great to look at the best bodybuilding motivation video and sure it can stimulate you, but once you get your butt of the seat and start doing something you will have to do it yourself. And that is were music comes in. Music can help you through a grueling training. A pair of headsets on your head will give you some privacy to hit the gym and really train without all the socializing that so often hurt a session.

I’m writing this small post while preparing to go to the gym. Almost ready to go and pumped up to actually hit it out there. Because of personal obligations I slacked of a bit this week, but now I’m really ready to hit it again. So I will put on my headset from dr Dre and head out the house. What will be the music on my head? Right now I have two favorite Albums I use when training. 1 Album is It’s All on You from the Muscle Prodigy . Album nr two that I use is Alpha Motivation, also from the Muscle Prodigy

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