Olympic Bench Press Bundle

Olympic Bench Press Bundle

Were would we be without Chest Monday? For most weightlifters, bodybuilders and other fitness enthusiasts Monday is chest day. So every Monday the benches are Arnolds Olympic Bench Bundlecrowded and with a bit of bad luck you will have to stand in line to do your sets. Oh and please hurry up a bit because the next guy is already waiting for his sets on the bench.

Think about how nice it can be if you are not hindered by that. Sure you could switch from Monday to another day, but lets face it. The benchpress is a staple in every guys training. Ever thought about owning your own bench? Just for you or for you and a couple of friends? A really good bench, a good Olympic bar and enough plates can really make all the difference in your gains. Our  team has gathered a really nice Olympic Bench Press Bundle for you. With this bundle you will be able to train whenever you feel like it. No more waiting in line. Just you and the Iron. Oh en perhaps a buddy to train with you and spot for you.
Have a look at the set we created for you. It is all heavy duty and will last you a lifetime. When you outgrow the Plates you can simply buy an extra set. These plate come in every thinkable format from 1/2 pound right up to 45 pounds per plate. A set like this allows you to train solo because of the safety bars on the side.

More uses

Besides bench pressing this basic set allows you a lot of the famous exercises. With the bar and the plates you can also:

Do deadlifts.

Deadlifts are one of the very best exercise you will ever do with a barbell and plates. You might consider to add a couple of mats to an order because a massive weight hitting the ground can damage the flow.

Do bent over rows.

Another very good exercise to become much much stronger with relative simple equipment. Again all it takes are the bar and the plates. When doing rows maintaining good posture is very important. Start easy and work your way up.

Good Mornings

Again a good exercise that only takes a bar and some plates. When executed right you will feel all muscles in your back and hamstrings after the set. Again keep good posture and check your ego at you own door.

Shoulder Presses and Military Presses.

The Bar and the Plates again for a great workout and one that can leave you breathless when executed correct. As with all exercises good posture and good breathing is crucial in an exercise like this.

Our offer

As you can see, purchasing just this bundle can help you get really fit and strong and it can also help you to terminate your membership because you got practically all you need.


Arnolds Olympic Bench Bundle

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