About Rick Wedzinga

Rick Wedzinga is a 53 year old male who lives in the Netherlands. Spend a big chunk of his life living a rather unhealthy life style. Started smoking at age 14 and kept that up until he was 25. Quit that habit for 15 years and picked it up at age 40 for another 6 years. Same with weight gain. At the age of 19 when leaving the military my weight was up to 96 kg’s and over the years up to my early thirties that kept on rising right up 120 kg’s. That was a tipping point where i decided to loose weight and the first time I did that on pure will power and with running. I ran and ran an ran until my weight dropped to 72 kg’s. That by the way was to light for me. There was hardly any meat left on my body.

Late nineties I changed jobs and started commuting. That also was the moment my weight started crawling back up. Slowly but steadily I gained a pound here and a pound there. I also picked up smoking again and basically ate and drank everything that I came across.

Rick Wedzinga late 2006

Rick Wedzinga fatSo late 2006 my weight was back up to 120 kg’s. I smoked two packages a day ate a lot of junk and drank far more than was good for me. A picture of me on a balcony in Thailand was a wakeup call for me. Damn I was only 46 years old and it dawned on me that I was destroying the only body I had.

Seeing that picture, that enormous belly and that bloated face was enough. I decided to go all in again and started training, quit smoking and eating healthy all at the same time. As to be expected (at least for me) the results were pretty amazing. Within weeks I started seeing the changes in my body. Felt sore but better, had no real problem with my quit smoking efforts  and enjoyed the process truly. Basically I traded three bad habits for one good habit.

Rick Wedzinga 2010

In the spring 2010 my wife and I went on a sailing trip in Turkey and she shot a picture of me standing rick-wedzinga-slimon that ship. That was a point where I really trained myself down to again about 75 kg’s. Far leaner than years before but again with not to much meat on the bones.

Mind you I was pretty exited about my body. I could do anything I wanted with it and was in great shape. Since then I picked up lifting far more seriously, dropped a lot of cardio and basically gained considerable muscle tissue back.

Rick Wedzinga 2015.

I still train, I have two jobs and these days I prefer going to the gym as early as possible in the day. Earliest is 7 am because that’s when they open. I don’t train 7 days a week anymore but when I go I go all in. That means that I still am pretty close or even at the weights I lifted only a couple of years ago. Rest seems to be something good for a body 🙂 Well that is me in a nutshell. You can find more information on me at my personal website.