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Top Quality Probiotics 20 Billion CFUs - Boosts the Immune System. Shelf stable, Developed by Doctors, Guaranteed Potency until Expiration, Money Back Guarantee

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Manufacturer Description

If you want to Improve your food digestion, increase your body immune system and lose weight, attempt our Superior Probiotics Supplement 20 Billion CFUs

Our High-Quality Strains Survive Stomach Acid and Bile Fluids

Probiotics will:

Support Digestive Health
Restore Natural Balance
Boost Immune System
Promote consistency

80 % of our body immune system remains in our gut and our gluten free Superior Probiotics helps you to keep it in ideal condition.

Top notch technology. Licensed potency. Better Probiotics.

Routine dieting and antibiotic usage eliminate the good germs in the body. Premium probiotics help repopulate good germs. Schwartz Bioresearch's certified formula consists of strong strains which do not need refrigeration and will make it through shipping and storing procedures as well as the stomach's natural digestive procedures. Our probiotics are not coated in chemicals, their potency lies in the strength of the strains.

A few of the advantages of taking Probiotics everyday consist of:

Increased production of Vitamins, Relief from allergies, No more gas, bloating or constipation, Increased absorption of calcium for better bone density, say goodbye to digestive concerns if you are IBS or Lactose intolerance, Unexpected weight-loss

If you are not fully satisfied with your experience with our Superior Probiotics, within 30 days just send us the bottle back and we'll give you a FULL refund!

Product Features

Guarantee Potency for Entire Shelf Life: Most probiotics have weak strains that don't survive the shipping and storing processes, let alone stomach acids and bile. We are some of the very few who can guarantee potency, until the expiration date, the strength of our probiotic lies in the high-quality strains we work with, not in artificial coatings. Amazing health benefits have been featured on the Dr Oz Show: Dr. Oz, recommends a daily dose of high-quality probiotics to repopulate the good bacteria in the body, which are usually destroyed through dieting and taking antibiotics. Some of the many benefits of probiotics include: the increased production of vitamins, relief from allergies, gas, bloating, and constipation, and increased absorption of calcium for better bone density. Around 80% of our immune system is in our stomach, and when probiotics abound in our bodies, they make it harder for bacteria to settle in, thus boosting your immune system. Each lot is extensively tested and third party certified: The potency, purity, and content of each batch of probiotics are extensively analyzed by professionals before its release. The ingredients in our products are 100% natural, and we use no binders or fillers of any sort. Probiotics can help you lose weight: Adding 2 capsules a day of our probiotic supplement can further benefit your health in ways you would not believe. Weight loss and fat loss are, more often than not, added bonuses of taking probiotics regularly.

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